Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Month in Photos

Vinegar and water makes for an effective
and kid-friendly cleaner!

Helping Mamma rid the house of germs!

Favorite pastime, for all parties involved.

Friends from church sent us a card, with stickers!

The girls love table activities.

It's that time of the year!

Decorating was a breeze with these two around!

A bright spot in our house.

This flannelgraph has been a favorite.

Chasing away sickness with lots of fluids!

Zoobooks are always a hit around here!

Making a manger with dry spaghetti and craft sticks.

It was quite fun to eat the spaghetti, too. 

Our first light snow


"Hey! Watch where you're aiming that thing!"

Simple things often provide the best entertainment.

Silly girl.

New chicken recipe with pecan rice. Mmmm.

Sister snuggle time.


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