Saturday, December 31, 2011


We started the day with cherry turnovers, a Steele family tradition that Joshua remembers from childhood. Every Christmas that we've been in Ukraine, I have attempted to create a home-made version of these turnovers, since Pillsbury isn't exactly an option here. ;) My inventions were usually tasty, but not quite the thing of childhood memories. This year, however, I finally got it right!

A cozy sight

Up early stirring up the glaze

What is Christmas without good food?

Sampling the finished product

"That looks good. Can I have some?"

Playing with stocking stuffers

Our families were so generous and sent over big Christmas boxes! We took our time opening the gifts and played with each new thing along the way.

Watching to see what Abby will get.
I love what I've already got. ;)

Bekah's gift from Abby

"Thank you so much!"

Abby with her dolly, Camille

Hosanna was quite taken with one of Josh's presents.

"See, we're going to take the paper off, like this..."

"You want to see what's in the box?"

"Look! It's a new watch for Daddy!"

"Alright! Can I play with it?"

P90X Grad with T-shirt to prove it

New mugs are always welcome at our house!

My mom spent hours putting together these beautiful Dirndls for Abby and Rebekah. She did a wonderful job, and the girls have just about lived in them ever since!

"Rebekah, where's your
Christmas cheer?"

Sporting a new hoodie
Inasmuch as we are blessed with so many earthly comforts, I am often reminded of the great joy we have in possessing forgiveness of sins and unlimited fellowship with our Creator through Jesus Christ! It is a wonderful thing to celebrate the fact that He became one of us so that we might become sons of God!

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  1. Great post, Kels! Love all the pictures! Thanks so much for giving us a little peek into your family's Christmas celebration! You'll have to send me the recipe for the turnovers when you get the chance. I would love to try them! ;)


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