Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Matter For Prayer

This weekend, Joshua has the opportunity to speak to a group of about 40 college students regarding where they will spend eternity.

He's been invited as the main speaker for a regional conference hosted by Campus Crusade for Christ. All his sessions will be in Ukrainian. The topic is apologetics.

I know he would appreciate your prayers.

He'll be speaking a number of times, covering various world views and why faith in Christ stands apart, how we can know that the Bible is the absolute, authoritative Word of God, why adherence to religion isn't enough to save, the doctrine of imputed righteousness, and the reasons behind why Christ is the only Way to God.

Speaking at a national conference held earlier this year.

Campus Crusade is quite active here in L'viv, and they frequently recruit new students to their ranks--very often students who need to know Christ. We pray God will use this conference for His glory!

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