Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Few Random Things


I am currently at 9 weeks and doing well so far. I've had some queasiness on and off, but overall I've felt much better than I did with my former pregnancies. I thank God for enough energy to keep up with 3 little ones, despite periods of feeling very sluggish and lethargic. I'm not getting a whole lot done at this season except the bare essentials. And I'm resting a LOT, which is good!

The girls ask me nearly everyday how the baby is doing, and Abby especially is always probing for information about how the baby is growing, what size it is, and whether it will be a boy or a girl. :)

Trips and Travel

Krakow City Center

Joshua and I are heading to Krakow, Poland, next week, along with our team mates, to apply at the Ukrainian embassy for new visas. Immigration policies are constantly changing here in Ukraine, and it is a challenge to keep up with the various laws and how they are all interpreted or applied. We have already been through quite a process to obtain the needed documents to present at the embassy next week. Joshua especially has been working for weeks to make sure everything is in order. Please pray that God would bless our trip and that we would have no trouble getting the visas we need! The girls will be staying behind with a trusted friend here in L'viv, so we'd appreciate prayers for their safety as well.

Congratulations, Nathan and Katrina!!

A very, very close friend of mine, Katrina Rebsch, just recently called me to tell me about her engagement to a godly young man attending seminary in the Houston area. They have been courting for several months now and are in awe at the way God has brought this relationship together. If you're interested in reading an inspiring love story, you can check theirs out at Katrina's blog! You will be encouraged!


  1. I always felt better the more rest I had but as soon as I felt rushed, stressed, and tired, there it came! Of course, there were other sick times where you couldn't do anything about it, but rest was always a good thing! Take care! == Sharon Goodwin

    1. Thanks, Sharon! I've noticed a little bit of a trend as well. If I get too tired, I usually feel worse. At present, everyday seems to be getting a little better, PTL! We'll see how it goes with the rigors of traveling. :/


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