Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Snippets

1. Hosanna's first steps

Hosanna, (14 mos.) is only just beginning to walk with the aid of someone holding her hand. Over the last couple of weeks she has been practicing standing up and has grown quite confident on her legs as long as  she is stationary. She pushes chairs around the house like walkers, and even walks on her knees sometimes! She has made a few attempts to walk 3-4 steps into the arms of Mommy or Daddy, but the occasions are rare. Abby and Rebekah are her zealous cheerleaders, and it probably won't be but a couple weeks more until she's off!

Now that Hosanna is getting around so much more, she is able to get into the kitchen cabinets. She has known for quite some time where the snack/chip cabinet is. Just recently I discovered that she is well able to open it by herself and has been making frequent raids on it when Mom's not around! Smart girl--she knows where the goods are. :)

Hosanna loves to eat and to smile!

2. Sick Again

Yes! This makes the 4th month in a row that we have been battling sickness. The girls caught a cold, which wouldn't have been too bad were it not for the ravages of Whooping Cough on their systems only a few weeks before. Let's just say that for about a week it was nearly like having Whooping Cough again. Gratefully, I think the 3 little girls are better now, but poor Josh has been sick for over a week with a flu bug, and the end is still not in sight. So far I haven't gotten sick with anything, which is just the mercy of God! I have brushed up with germs in just about every way you can imagine. I'm so glad I've had the stamina and health to take care of everyone else!

3. Painting

For quite awhile now, I have been wanting to get some color on our walls. When we moved into our apartment we were in a major hurry, so we quickly chose a neutral off-white color and slapped it up there. The long, gray winters make me gravitate toward anything cheery, warm, or inviting, and this year I was particularly desperate to freshen up the walls for that reason.

Joshua has been kindly purchasing the paint for me so that I don't have to drag 3 little girls to the hardware store in the snow. :) At first I was really excited and making great progress, but things slowed down when the kids and Joshua all got sick again and I resumed my night shift taking care of them. Nevertheless, little by little the walls are taking on a new look. Due to the painting project and the illness in our family, the blog has taken a bit of a back seat.

Still in progress... more pictures to come later!

4. Little Girl Photos

On the swings outside our apartment

We had some winter fun with all this snow!

Let it snow!!

Coloring just like the big girls!

Abby's new bangs

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