Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Of Christmas Clean-up and Scrooge

Photo, courtesy of Robert Doucette
As wonderful as the holidays are, they seem to bring along with them a truckload of food preparation, house cleaning, picking up, and reorganizing. It's almost enough to tempt one to a "Bah! Humbug!"

Almost, but not quite. ;)

A couple of days ago, I took a break from the piles of stuff and mound of dishes long enough to download this wonderful, free audio of Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. Even if you aren't a lover of Charles Dickens, as I am, I defy you not to be entertained by this story! Not only is the tale a timeless classic, but the narrator should win a prize for his performance in this rendition.

Personally, listening to audio books or sermons helps my work hours be that much more pleasant, and even sometimes anticipated. ;) This book definitely had that effect. In fact, I could see it becoming a yearly tradition.

So, if you've got a chunk of house work waiting, or plans to sit in the car traveling somewhere, you might consider checking it out!

I daresay you'll heartily enjoy it! ;)

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